Study “Corporate Sound as a helpful supporter to brand management”

Study Affirms Relevance of Corporate Sound to Brand Management. MetaDesign Publishes Survey about the Importance of Sound for Brands.

What is the status of corporate sound today, and what role will it play in the future? MetaDesign has published a survey of experts that deals with these central questions and explores the topic of sonic branding from the viewpoint of branding specialists. In addition to analyzing the present and future significance of corporate sound, the study examines the development of audio-visual branding as well as its potential and the associated risks and chances. The panel of experts consisted of representatives from global players and publicly listed companies in German speaking countries. Consultants and journalists were also questioned.

The experts agreed that it was crucial to take an integrated view of brand management and to engage all the senses in an effort to differentiate brands. In this connection, the survey clearly showed that the aural dimension of brand management is assuming ever greater importance. Corporate sound provides substantial support in achieving such objectives as differentiation, recognition, emotional appeal and the target group’s capacity to identify with the brand at the sensory level. Even so, the use of corporate sound is currently marked by latent insecurities and a lack of a methodological clarity. Additional learning processes must take place for brand managers to acquire a fundamental understanding of how to increase corporate sound expertise.

Corporate sound, as an additional instrument of brand management, gives brands a unique, instantly recognizable sonic identity. As the acoustic dimension of corporate design, it involves much more than developing an audio logo. It entails designing an entire sound environment for a brand within the context of its overall audio-visual presence.

Just like Bluewin and Yallo are using it already with MetaDesign’s support. The sound experts are currently developing corporate sound solutions for Siemens, Lufthansa and Allianz. – You can order the study “Corporate Sound als Instrument der Markenführung” for a nominal charge of 100.– CHF from (German only).

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