A New Visual Identity for Raiffeisen: Making the Banking Group’s Strategy Visible

Raiffeisen decided to carry out the project with the branding experts from Zurich after a competition in 2004. The goal was to find a modern means to express the values that Raiffeisen embodies and to take an important step in developing the Raiffeisen brand.

Self-presentation is especially important for banks since they offer services that can neither be seen nor touched. In addition, visual identity plays a vital role in building the trust required for all financial transactions.

According to CEO Pierin Vincenz: “We’ve revised our corporate design in an evolutionary process as part of our professional brand management. It has been effective in expanding our powerful new position.”

Raiffeisen introduced its new visual identity at yesterday’s press conference, where the group also presented financial results. The new logo design, which no longer includes ears of wheat and colored stripes, heralds a new era. All that remains of the old logo is the one unique element that best communicates Raiffeisen’s identity: its name. “The discussions on what parts of the group’s old identity we ought to keep were difficult for everyone concerned, ourselves included. We were evaluating things that were part of Raiffeisen’s history and that triggered strong emotions,” says Dr. Alexander Haldemann, partner at MetaDesign.

The future logotype is an element in a design system that includes typefaces, colors, a visual style, and much more.

Consumers will soon see these new elements in imaginative designs in the company’s brochures, on its Web site and in its bank branches. “A brand identity has emerged that is modern yet not faddish. It will present Raiffeisen credibly in the marketplace for a long time to come,” says CEO Pierin Vincenz.

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