MetaDesign and Pro Carton Hold Multi-Sensory Packaging Competition for Students

What does the Chanel brand sound like? What does the Lego brand taste like? What does the iPod brand smell like? And, most importantly, how can sounds, tastes and smells be integrated into packaging design? Students at the Berlin University of the Arts will be seeking answers to these questions in a competition initiated by MetaDesign and the industry association Pro Carton. It will focus on a new trend in brand management: brands must engage several senses if they want to enhance their uniqueness and leave a stronger impression on consumers.

The future belongs to multi-sensory branding. An important role will be played by packaging, since it establishes direct contact with consumers. Branding experts at MetaDesign estimate that in 2006, around 40 percent of all leading branded goods manufacturers will develop multi-sensory branding strategies to ensure greater brand loyalty. “We want to prepare students for future branding trends and the associated challenges,” says Jens-Ole Kracht, packaging expert at MetaDesign.

Students have been assigned three examples to research over the new few weeks. A jury of prominent experts will present awards to the best works at the 6th Pro Carton Conference on March 27/28, 2006, in Frankfurt/Main. An important criterion is the originality of the packaging solution that students use to engage the senses. The top three winners will receive prizes of 1,000 to 3,000 euros.

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