MetaDesign again number one in the PAGE CD/CI-Ranking

Once again MetaDesign, Germany's leading agency for corporate identity, corporate design and branding, leads the CD/CI ranking published by PAGE, a media journal.

With 19.4m euros in revenue, 15.7m of them for corporate design and corporate identity, MetaDesign is clearly ahead of other companies like KMS Team, Mutabor Design, the Scholz & Friends Design Group and Jung von Matt/brand identity. MetaDesign is also the only agency in the ranking to generate five percent of its revenue from corporate sound.

The 23 agencies listed generated overall revenues of 88.58m euros, a jump over last year's total of 82.84m. Following the financial crises of previous years, the average growth rate of 11.72 percent shows a positive trend in the business.

The PAGE CD/CI ranking is based on revenues taxable in Germany in 2010 for corporate identity and corporate design work, including corporate publishing and sound. Agencies and design offices that generate at least 25 percent of their revenues from corporate design work were eligible to participate.

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