Interns excited about MetaDesign

For the second time since 2009 MetaDesign, Germany's leading agency for corporate identity and branding, has conducted a survey among its interns on the quality of their internships. The online survey was carried out by FGM Forschungsgruppe Medien GmbH, a media research group. Over 100 current and former interns were asked about their overall satisfaction with their internships, their reasons for choosing MetaDesign, and their next steps following their internships. Each intern was also asked to assign a grade to MetaDesign based on the marks given in German schools, which range from 1 (excellent) to 6 (very poor). MetaDesign's "final grade" was 1.9 – a very good score.

The overall results are even better than in 2009: most interns are very satisfied with their time at MetaDesign, as reflected in the final grade. Most also indicated that they would recommend MetaDesign to others seeking an internship.

When asked what they liked most about their time at MetaDesign, the most common answer was the good working atmosphere. According to the survey, interns at MetaDesign feel they are "taken seriously" and "treated as a full member of the team". Following closely behind were aspects like "interesting and responsible work" and project-related highlights. Across all departments, interns appreciated the opportunities they were given to develop both their hard and soft skills. This is significant, as other research has shown that most interns want a range of different assignments, feedback on their performance, and the chance to improve their skills.

Other aspects frequently mentioned were the contents of the tasks they were given as well as the broad range of possible assignments, including design, client services, brand consulting, text, brand environments, digital branding, business development and corporate communications. The range of internships MetaDesign offers include not only design and business, but also architecture as well as media and design management. The agency's excellent reputation and the doors that opens play a major role in students' decision to do an internship at MetaDesign.

Among those interns who have not yet completed their degrees, 80% said they could imagine working at MetaDesign following their studies. For many years now the agency has made a practice of considering interns for full-time jobs.

MetaDesign has made this satisfaction survey among its interns a regular part of its human resources work, with the aim of continually improving the contents and processes of the internships it offers. Following the last survey, the agency started a program to integrate interns into their respective teams even more closely.

"Today more and more young people are gaining their initial work experience as interns, even as pressure mounts for them to finish their studies as quickly as possible and join the workforce. We see it as our responsibility to give young interns support in exploring and developing their professional talents and personal skills. The investment we make in high-quality internships is also an investment in our own future. Skilled young talent is a key factor in safeguarding the quality of our work for the years to come," said Professor Uli Mayer-Johanssen, chairwoman of the executive board at MetaDesign, about the results of the study.

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