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    Geolocation mobile advertising is widely considered to be the future of the ad industry. Thinknear, a geolocation app and advertising platform, enlisted MetaDesign to develop a new creative direction.

    Thinknear is the leading expert in geolocation mobile advertising. The company specializes in proprietary algorithms and location-filtering technology that help ensure that ads are only placed when the true location of a user is known.

    Telenav, the pioneer of mobile location services, recently purchased Thinknear and enlisted MetaDesign to help differentiate Thinknear from competitors while communicating its association to its new parent brand.

    A new direction

    MetaDesign developed a new identity and supporting design system for Thinknear to communicate the brand’s targeting expertise, while showing its connection to the Telenav portfolio. To develop a strong brand association, the identity was treated as a graphical representation of the Thinknear brand name. The icon is comprised of an idea burst (Think) enclosed by a drop pin (near) to express the Thinknear promise: innovative, location targeting expertise.