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Whether in the air or on the ground: if you’re traveling with Lufthansa, you’re sure to experience the brand with all your senses. MetaDesign created an acoustic environment based on Lufthansa’s corporate identity, one that will accompany you from the moment you book until you land.


An idea that resonates

What does a brand sound like? Sonic branding can be only as good as the foundation it rests on. MetaDesign developed an acoustic theme for Lufthansa called “Another Perfect Day”. It was translated into an f-major motif that forms the musical core of all Lufthansa audio elements.

To be sure that customers come into contact with the brand on every level, the acoustic motif appears again and again in a number of places.


The sonic logo precedes all Lufthansa announcements in Terminal 1 at New York’s JFK International Airport. The characteristic Lufthansa sound can also be heard at trade shows and exhibitions as well as in TV and radio advertising. It even welcomes callers who contact Lufthansa by phone. And “Symphony of Angels”, the Lufthansa anthem, welcomes passengers during boarding, enveloping them in the brand’s own world of sound.

Emotional recognition

The sonic logo is the brand’s acoustic anchor. It makes the Lufthansa brand clearly audible and recognizable, both instinctively and emotionally. Brand music and a brand soundscape are also part of the Lufthansa corporate sound. They can always be adapted individually to fit any kind of situation.

The Lufthansa anthem, “Symphony of Angels”, is a pop song that wins over people’s hearts. It is used in a variety of settings – as an acoustic element in classic communication, or as background music during boarding.

In tune with the staff

Lufthansa documented the entire production of its anthem on camera. The “making of” movie resulting from this work is meant primarily for the company’s staff. They have the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes and understand how the brand’s sound communicates its identity and opens it up for everyone to experience.

Roll out the red carpet

Lufthansa presented its new flagship, the Airbus LH A380, on a dedicated website even before its maiden flight. MetaDesign developed the soundscape for this online premiere. This acoustic environment created a harmonious atmosphere for the brand, speaking directly to the emotions of the viewers.