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Intrax is a premier cultural exchange company that provides educational, work and volunteer programs. Over the years, MetaDesign has helped reposition Intrax through the development of a website, visual design system and brand architecture strategy.

Since inception in 1980, Intrax (International Training and Exchange) has expanded their global offering to more than 350,000 people in over 100 countries. Intrax originally enlisted MetaDesign to streamline and unify their diverse programs around the world, and create a uniquely identifiable and extendible brand.

A highly systemic and versatile design system was developed, including a website and brand guidelines, to present a dynamic and compelling visual language. Most recently, MetaDesign created a new global website to highlight Intrax’s unique offer to potential candidates.


Connecting people and cultures

Intrax creates lasting and meaningful cultural connections that encourage relationship building across the globe. The notion of connection is expressed throughout the visual design system. The most prominent feature of the logo is the letter “x” with a directional arrow, which symbolizes the personal and professional direction, as well as the forward-looking outlook, that Intrax program participants gain. The implied ligature between the “r” and the “a” represents the handshake as a connection between individuals.

Brand architecture and design

Under the umbrella brand of Intrax, it was important to establish the relationship and hierarchies of the program and the overarching corporate brand. The goal was to harmonize the portfolio to feel like a family, yet allow each program to have the necessary independence. The look and feel of the design was adapted to fit the diverse audiences of each program.