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While FSE Energy has been expanding operations throughout the globe, its perception was that of a small, family business. A rebrand was needed to elevate its perception to that of a global leader.

Established in 1935, FSE Energy specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of biomass and solid fuel boilers. Boilers account for more than 80% of the world’s power through nuclear, coal, and biomass, which is renewable energy converted from plants and animals.

A family-owned organization, FSE was perceived by customers as a small, regional company – but its market share, capabilities and technology far exceeded its outward appearance. FSE enlisted MetaDesign to create a new visual identity to elevate its brand perception to compete with competitors more than twice its size.

MetaDesign created the brand core, Power Forward as a basis for all design and communication. MetaDesign’s strategy draws from the company’s ability to remain on the technology forefront while looking ahead to industry expansion beyond biomass services.

Armed with a powerful new brand core and visual identity, FSE was transformed from being perceived as a small and regional company to a global player in the renewable energy marketplace.

FSE Intro

FSE Powerful Design System

Powerful design system

A contemporary abstraction of flame, the logo depicts the transfer of biomass to fuel through fire – the heart of FSE’s business and the most dependable source of renewable energy. The new identity was applied to a collateral system and detailed guidelines which elucidated how to maintain the brand.

Turning energy into art

To further strengthen the brand system, MetaDesign provided FSE Energy with unique photography styles and conducted the first photo shoot to begin building a branded image library.

The goal was to showcase the boiler systems as pieces of art, making the images ownable and consistent while highlighting the unique characteristics of the brand.

"MetaDesign helped FSE Energy define a brand strategy that fuses our longevity in the industry with our vision for the future. In an industry that is experiencing its own rapid transformation, our new logo and design system differentiates us from our competitors in a relevant and meaningful way."

Kirby Burke, Director of Marketing, FSE Energy
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