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    Fisher & Paykel

    Household appliances from New Zealand, a strategic alliance with Chinese partner Haier, and the drive to tap into a new market: good reasons for Fisher&Paykel to bring MetaDesign on board to guide its entry into the Chinese market.

    How to translate a brand

    This is just the beginning of global expansion for Fisher&Paykel. The New Zealand-based company is relocating part of its manufacturing to Mexico and Thailand. And in Haier it has found a Chinese investor who owns 20% of its shares. Haier is the fourth-biggest manufacturer of household appliances in the world. This opens the doors for Fisher&Paykel to organize its sales in China. But one question remained unanswered: how would the company be able to translate its identity effectively for the Chinese market?



    Adapting to a new market

    A new world opened up for the two partners during the first workshop we conducted with them. Gradually it became clear which aspects of the brand could remain as they are, and which ones needed to be adapted for China. For the brand positioning that meant there was only one right place for Fisher&Paykel in its new market: the luxury segment. Fisher&Paykel products stand for an exclusive lifestyle inspired by the West.

    The new language of luxury

    “The new language of luxury” is the basis for the brand’s new approach. The products should not just represent high quality, but also define a new segment based on a refined lifestyle and a type of luxury that is new to the Chinese market. “Realness” is what sets the brand apart from its competitors in the positioning of its refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and kitchen appliances. The brand can build on its engineering innovation from New Zealand and on Fisher&Paykel’s design leadership.

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    Premium – and it shows

    Luxury is more than just the pure consumerism of expensive high-status products. The new basic elements of the corporate design used only in China include an expanded character set, new imagery and different coloring. We took the materials Fisher&Paykel uses in its products as the basis for the brand’s primary colors. And the character of the products gave us the inspiration for the secondary colors: eggplant stands for warmth and energy, and white for purity.


    Total branding

    For the brand launch on the Chinese market, the MetaDesign team developed not only the corporate design, but also a brand environment, the corporate fashion and the first communication campaign. The language of luxury is palpable throughout the company’s literature. All media, as well as the flagship store, have a very Chinese look and feel while remaining true to the brand’s roots in New Zealand.

    Branding as a key success factor

    The Chinese market presents brands with entirely new kinds of challenges. This project stands for a growing awareness of the importance of branding processes and of a consistent corporate identity for brands in various cultures. That’s what makes our systematic approach so valuable to brands like Fisher&Paykel – brands who want to speak to the Chinese luxury market in the local dialect while staying true to their positioning. We documented the brand’s strategic foundation in a full collection of design and brand guidelines. They ensure the long-term quality of the company’s communication both internally and externally.