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With the mission to be the world’s trusted source of personal genetic information, 23andMe empowers individuals to affordably and securely discover and understand their own genetic code.

Understanding one’s personal genetics goes beyond satisfying personal curiosity. The information also contributes vitally to society by helping to populate a common, standardized resource of genetic information, in turn accelerating the development of new diagnostic solutions and life-saving drugs.

But the new world of personal genetics can seem scary to the uninitiated. 23andMe needed a strategy and brand image that would reinforce its credentials as an approachable and trustworthy company. MetaDesign helped define 23andMe’s character and attributes as a brand, as well as the messaging language that would give voice to this character. The brand needed to be scientific, but never clinical; and personable, but never chatty.

The identity creates a unique position within the stark healthcare and pharmaceutical landscape. The variety of 23 distinct yet visually unified logos plays conceptually on the human chromosome, while a bright color palette highlights the boldness of 23andMe’s unique immersion into consumer genetics.

The brand experience is brought to life in 23andMe’s web presence. The website shepherds potential customers from a clear introduction to the subject through each step of an exciting process. MetaDesign also developed identity guidelines, including color palettes and usage parameters, to ensure that the integrity of the brand is maintained and protected.

23andMe Logo

23andMe Spit Kit Packaging

The Spit Kit

MetaDesign designed the packaging that contains the DNA test kits. The vibrant colors used in the identity symbolize the vitality and optimism that define 23andMe’s brand personality.


Distinctly bold

The visual space surrounding the identity is bright, but not stark—one of many distinct visual attributes that comprise a flexible brand toolkit.

“The new identity is accessible and upbeat. The identity successfully reduces the intimidation associated with the field of personal genetics, thus distinguishing the brand in an emerging and exciting field.”

Anne Wojcicki, Co-founder 23andMe
23andMe Logo Styles

23andMe Website Home

The online experience

The easy navigation and rich functionality of the 23andMe website convey both the approachability and seriousness of the brand.

“We want to help people obtain their genetic information, understand it, and use it in whatever way matters to them.”

Our goal is to connect you to the 23 paired volumes of your own genetic blueprint (plus your mitochondrial DNA), bringing you personal insight into ancestry, genealogy, and inherited traits.

A visual and verbal concept

Give 23andMe a vial full of saliva, and you get a tour of discovery though your genetic code. MetaDesign developed an advertising concept as part of the identity development.



By being pleasant, amiable, even humorous at times, our voice and manner conveys everyone is welcomed at 23andMe.


We are about illuminating the often intimidating complexities of genetics.


23andMe’s communication reveals insight, color and thoughtfulness in genetics and healthcare.


Our symbolic and literal presence represents the precision and scientific rigor of our offering.