Enhancing effective communication: the Federal Press Office and MetaDesign modernize the German federal government corporate design

MetaDesign, Germany's leading agency for corporate identity and branding, has modernized the corporate design of the German federal government. The project was commissioned by the German Federal Press Office (BPA). Since 2010, the communication experts at MetaDesign in Berlin have been providing guidance and support in developing communication strategies, planning and designing communication campaigns, and optimizing the corporate design of the German federal government.

This modernization of the corporate design significantly improves the perception of the government's communication. The revision affects the layout and design principle, the typography, the imagery, and the color palette. The target of all these measures is to improve recognition of the federal government at the forefront of all communication through a unified look. The modernization is based on a survey of the federal ministries on improving the corporate design, as well as a comprehensive analysis of the look of the federal government's communication used to date.

A simple, flexible layout, a new and exclusive typeface, a meaningful picture style, and a streamlined color palette allow easier use of the corporate design across all media.

A core element of the modernized corporate design is a new typographical concept, including an exclusive new typeface in two styles – BundesSerif and BundesSans. The typeface family is used across all media and conveys credibility, integrity, and a feeling of timeless elegance. It guarantees full functionality at all levels – spacing, legibility, multi-lingual capacity – while meeting all technical requirements. Using a unique, proprietary typeface also eliminates the need for license fee payments to third parties. The typeface was developed by Professor Jürgen Huber and Martin Wenzel in cooperation with MetaDesign.

Recent federal government publications, like the current integration campaign "My city. My country. My responsibility" and the federal government website, relaunched at the beginning of this year, are based on the modified look. Bundesregierung.de – the main internet platform of the federal government – now looks much clearer and better organized. The website was implemented in cooperation with the digital agencies Aperto und MATERNA.

"Reaching people through communication and informing them about the key aims of federal policy requires an integrated, holistic approach. In that sense the federal government's modernized appearance enhances the effectiveness of its communication; its look has become more powerful, vibrant, and attractive," said Professor Uli Mayer-Johanssen, chairwoman of the executive board at MetaDesign.

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