MetaDesign’s Chinese branch grows, attracting China’s largest media company as a new client

MetaDesign, Germany’s leading branding agency, has won its first local Chinese client: the Zhejiang Daily Press Group, a renowned publishing house. MetaDesign’s Chinese office was opened in 2008 for Volkswagen in Beijing and employs a staff of nine.

The media group owns 16 newspapers, three magazines, a news website and an MMS mobile newspaper. The Zhejiang Daily newspaper was first published in 1949 and is the official medium of the provincial government. The website Zhejiang Online has been recognized as one of China’s most innovative websites. The publishing group employs a staff of over 4000. The Zhejiang province has China’s fourth largest economy and is one of the wealthiest provinces in the country.

MetaDesign’s Beijing team will develop and implement a holistic branding concept for the news group. It will include a new group corporate design, a new visual strategy for the title pages of four daily newspapers, the evaluation of all internal and external communication as well as a brand event.

Winning the Zhejiang Daily Press Group as a client successfully establishes MetaDesign Beijing in the local Chinese market.

“Attracting the Zhejiang Daily Press Group as a client means that MetaDesign is working for one of the most esteemed publishing houses in China. We are very proud of that. And attracting a local client is an important strategic step in developing our branch in Beijing. Working for such a blue chip company sends a positive signal to other Chinese customers,” said Tobias Phleps, MetaDesign’s chief operating officer responsible for the corporate design agency’s international offices.

“The Zhejiang Daily Press Group’s broad media offerings open the windows to other worlds for their readers, reflecting our global aims. We are delighted that we have found the right partner for communicating these aims: MetaDesign. Their strategic competence, their holistic, interdisciplinary approach and their international expertise are the ideal basis for a successful partnership,” said Mr. Gao HaiHao, president and chairman of the board of the Zhejiang Daily Press Group.

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